Thursday, August 1, 2013

EJB provides Accessor iterators for Parameterized Named Query in JDeveloper 12c

Scenario is to add new row to the ADF Table, here ADF Table is based on Named Query having parameters.

When a user defines a JPA named query with parameters in Employee entity using persistence xml (for ex: "select o from Employees o where o.departmentId = :bind_departmentId"), these queries were exposed through non-getter methods on the EJB Session or Java Service facade classes and will be exposed as method actions. Method Action looks as below.

In JDeveloper 12c same queries will be exposed through getter methods as Accessor iterators. Accessor iterator looks as below.

Note:- Named Query name should be defined in following pattern: "<entity name>.<query name>" and query name should start with "get" + "<first char should be uppercase>"
For ex: Employees.getByDeptId

If the named query name doesn't follow the above pattern, then it will be exposed as Method Action.

You can download the sample workspace from here
[Runs with Oracle JDeveloper]

Implementation Steps

Create Fusion Web Application with entity based on Employees table, open the employees entity java class and add the below Named Query inside @NamedQueries section.
@NamedQuery(name = "Employees.getByDeptId",
                          query = "select o from Employees o where o.departmentId = :bind_departmentId")
Next create a session bean and expose all methods to local/remote interface and generate data control.

In ViewController project, create and open the index.jspx page and follow the below steps:
  • In the Data Controls accordion, expand the SessionEJBBean node, drop employeesGetByDeptId->Operations->ExecuteWithParams as ADF Parameter Form. Notice in the below image, parameter value binding will be bind_departmentId.

Note:- ExecuteWithParams operation is supported in EJB Datacontrols from Jdeveloper 12c.
  • Drop employeesGetByDeptId->Table/List View as ADF Table. 
  • In the Data Controls accordion, expand the SessionEJBBean node, drop employeesGetByDeptId->Operations->Create as ADF Button
  • Drop the persistEntity(Object) as Method->ADF Button. In Edit Action Binding window select the binding value as "#{bindings.employeesGetByDeptIdIterator.currentRow.dataProvider}"

Run the index.jspx page and enter values in search form with departmentId as 90 and click on ExecuteWithParam button. Named query will filter the data and display employee records which are associated with departmentId.

Next clicking on Create Button will insert new row inside the table, enter the employee information and click on persistEntity button to save the record.

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