Thursday, March 6, 2014

ADF Mobile - Popup at center of the window

Sometimes you may want to position amx:popup at the center of the window. At this moment, in there is no declarative solution for this usecase, In this post I'm sharing a code snippet that I noticed from Denis Tyrell(Oracle) for the same.

You can align the amx:showPopupBehavior with overlapTop property, this indicates how the popup should be aligned relative to the panelPage and then in the amx:popup code you can set the inlineStyle as below:
<amx:popup id="p1" autoDismiss="true"
    <amx:outputText value="Popup at center of the window" id="ot4"/>
Application screen looks like below when it deployed to IOS simulator.


  1. awesome post i really like this post.

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  3. Thank you, it was so helpfull.

    Can you please mention how to invoke a popup from java.
    Now i am using 'amx:showPopupBehavior' in the amx page.

    Anish Michael

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